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Bizarro World: 
US criticizes effectiveness of Russia campaign against ISIS


[From Dan: "Again I am tempted to conclude that weed has already been legalized in DC. These people are so delusional it is laughable--or it would be if they weren't on the verge of destroying the world. US is more effective in fighting IS than Russia?? WTF?? There is no lie so ridiculous they will not spout it.]

Dan on PressTV - transcript below;

click on image for audio.

“There’s an old saying about State Department officials, or US officials: how do you tell they’re lying? And the answer is because their lips are moving. It is amazing to hear them constantly them spout these fantasies of what’s going on and to see that it has no overlap with reality.

“It really stretches credulity to hear McGurk, or one of these other so-called envoys to the anti-ISIS coalition, criticize the Russians for the effectiveness of their campaign in Syria when they have been bombing the desert for 16 months, and have been dropping, air-drops of machinery and materiel and weapons to ISIL forces supposedly by mistake, and they recently bombed a Syrian Army outpost and called that a mistake, or they just denied that it happened.”

“When he says, ‘Oh, frankly we have different objectives,’ yes, they do have different objectives. Their objective is to overthrow the Syrian government, again. And they just will keep doing this. “They are funding and arming and training many of these death squads that have been unleashed on Syria. The Russians have never made any pretense that they are not only bombing ISIS -- ISIS is just only one of them --al-Nusra, al-Sham, these are all terrorist groups.”

“And the idea that you’ve moderate rebels -- you know they moderately chop off heads or eat babies or whatever – is a fiction that they constantly have been trying to resurrect. Everybody knows that this is a lie. 

And the fact that they can continually spout these lies means they feel completely immune from prosecution. They think they have complete control over the narrative, which in fact they do inside the Western mainstream media bubble.

“The interesting thing is that although it looks like an act of total aggression, it’s actually desperation, they are losing control of the narrative in Syria. 

You know the Russians have been amazingly effective in a very short period of time, and that’s why you see Empire stepping up this aggression all over the world, in Venezuela, Argentina, Yemen, Ukraine, all at once. They are trying to push back against severe resistance.”

"The other way to look at this is that we are outside this bubble, and we have to keep telling the truth to people who will listen. Because as the adage goes: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a thousand times in a row--well I must be an idiot to believe the lies they keep telling. But they will keep doing it and distoring and just making things up, and large numbers of people will believe them until the facts on the ground and the military balance of power force them to reconsider.

"And then they will pretend--as they are in some ways starting to do--that they have been part of this all along. I heard what I think was the Telegraph--which is another western *lie* newspaper--that the Saudis are our natural allies in the fights against ISIS, which is laughably delusional. Or, again, a deliberate lie. But that's how the elites control the manufacture of consent in the west, and they're winning that game--we're always playing catch up. So we have to keep at it."

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(c) 2015 Daniel Patrick Welch. Reprint permission granted with credit and link to danielpwelch.com. Political analyst, writer, linguist and activist Daniel Patrick Welch lives and writes in Salem, Massachusetts, with his wife, Julia Nambalirwa-Lugudde. Together they run The Greenhouse School. Welch has also appeared in numerous television and radio interviews, and can be available for comment and analysis as his day job permits. 

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